Lost Sole 2018

Lost Sole 50k 2018 was held on Friday February 9th starting at 0815 am. The cut off time being 13 hours. The Half Sole 25k will started at 10am.  This year the weather was favorable with it being overcast and considerably cooler from last years 30c temperatures. It was certain records would fall as the field was considerable stronger. This year we added an alternative twist by assigning everyone a playing card at the start line and then along the route, there would be points were racers would have to collect their particular card. 

This started of great with Pierre being king for a day at the Pak Kung Au point but soon this would prove to be open to sabotage when we found out the other 2 locations had had their card decks stolen (but they left the plastic wrapper and containers behind. Nikki Han was leading out of the starting block and stayed there pretty much till the end with the guys putting a strong effort in at first but only to be overtaken by nearly all the ladies as the guys burned out.


The ladies made no delay in tackling Lantau peak with the guys deciding to put the brakes on and take it easy on the way up, confident they could make time up on the decent and the long wander Keung Shan range (renamed last year the Dave Matthews range) but on the long Sham Wat road from Ngong Ping, this looked like the guys had underestimated the amount of super women on this event. At this stage Nikki Han was still out in front but closely followed by Katia Kucher and not too far behind Nathalie Darbon had quietly made her way up the field. Stephen Forster who was 2nd at Pak Kung Au had dropped far behind, maybe too long a stop at the 7/11 for some curry fish balls.

After Lantau peak there are 5 more hills although 4 of them are in quick succession aptly named Dave Matthews 1,2,3 & 4. Then it was along a short 6km catchwater  to our first manned check point where we had laid on supplies before the long catchwater slog to Pui O. First to arrive was Nikki and Katia, guess they wanted someone to chat with as they were pretty much inseparable. Close on their heels was Karen Veen and Nathalie and then Kerensa Choi popped in a couple of minutes later. CP1 was beginning to wonder if all the guys had gone to watch a football match as they were no where to be seen. Aynsley Carter then came along with her support crew cheering her on to the famous ‘rage against the catch water’ sign.

The next part is most peoples least favourite, the dreaded catch water but nothing to do apart from get your head down and watch Nikki fly off again.  Meanwhile, still on the Dave Matthews range, Stephen Anderson and Anders Carlberg were arguing about if they had just heard a barking deer or a barking dog, both equally rare.

Soon we gathered at the finishline to see who would come first and be the winner of LSD 50 2018. Last years record of 9 hours was so going to be smashed but by how much? Soon Nikki was spotted along with Katia and as they went around the final corner towards the mailbox they grabbed hands and finished together. Great sportswomanship, finished in 7 hours 11 mins. 2 whole hours off the previous record. Then after that it was definitely a day for the ladies. The first 12 to finish were all women, apart from Wallieggy in 7th. Amazing day. Results are below with split timings but least lets not forget who the REAL lost sole was for 2018……..that award goes to Robert Conte who ended up lost on the Chi Ma Wan peninsula and for that deserved a bottle of bubbly.


Well done to all in helping us raise funds for a deserving charity like Free to Run. Lets not also forget about the 25k event and the 12k event which will be reported on this page.