Lost Sole 50

The route will almost follow the same route as the last couple of years. From the green mail box outside Mui Wo ferry pier, you will follow the Lantau trail from marker to marker. Before you start and at registration, you will be given a card to choose from at random from a deck of cards. You need to keep this with you till the end. There will be card collection points along the route and you MUST collect your designated card from the pack. Once you arrive at the finish, you will hand over your collected cards to the time keeper. Card Collection points along with important notes are listed at the bottom of this page.

You will follow the road up to Nam Shan remembering NOT to run or walk on the road and to stay on the pavement (sidewalk) at all times. Once at Nam Shan you will come off the road and follow the trail towards Sunset and Pak Kung Au. Stay on the Lantau trail, unlike the 25km route, there are NO diversions at Sunset peak. You will carry on to Pak Kung Au (L018) where your first card collection point will be. Just head towards the pavilion at Pak Kung Au where we will be waiting to check you in and out and be given the first of the cards to collect. Once you have this you will continue to cross the road at the official point and NOT climb over the barriers. Then you have Lantau peak to climb. Once you have climbed this then it is down the steps towards Ngong Ping. Once you are at the Wisdom path and Phoenix statue you can then follow the path straight. Now you will be in the middle of the circus known as Ngong Ping and here you can  find a 7/11 to resupply.  Remember your cash and octopus card. To continue on the Lantau trail you need to head back to the road either via the bus station or via the way you came and head downhill. STAY on the sidewalk as you will be on this road for around 2km and it does get busy. There is one turn off on the right which goes to Sham Wat (called Sham Wat road) and you DONT want to go down here. Stay with the road all the way till you get to the T junction where you will see a large wooden gateway marking the Lantau trail. You want to go under this and continue following the Lantau trail. At this point you will have another climb and on this first hill in the series there is another card collection point. When you get to the top of the steps at Kwun Yam Shan you will see a small weather monitoring device on the right and your next card collection pouch. Now back to the trail and follow the markers. There will be a couple of areas marked with hanging soles showing you the way at various junctions, please look out for these. After marker L041 make sure you take the left fork going up hill as shown in photo here.




There will be a series of hills along the route till you get to marker L045. Now here you will leave the Lantau trail and keep going straight. Look for the markers. After a couple of hundred meters you will see a dirt trail on the left going downhill. You need to follow this as it takes you downhill, this part can be a bit technical. Halfway down you will come to a junction which again will be marked but you will follow the right hand trail and continue going downhill. Soon you will be at the catchwater and you will see a map board. Here by the map board will be your next card collection point. After you have collected your card you will turn left on the catchwater and then follow all the way to marker L087. Here will be our first check point where you can refill with water, energy drink and fruit and simple snacks. From here you will then go across the Shek Pik damn and ignore the signs for the Lantau trail at the end off the damn on the right, you want to stay on the left hand side of the road and continue on, pass the bus stop and on untill you see the BBQ site and the road with a gate, now follow this with the catchwater on your left and follow the catchwater.

Now this is the long grueling bit where you follow the catchwater for 12km towards Pui O. Best thing to do is put your headphones on and get your head down. Our next check point is on the main road in Pui O. If passing through here after 4pm then you must show you have a headlamp to the checkpoint crew before going on. After that you continue through Pui O along the Lantau trail and then up and over Radio hill. Follow the markers for Lantau trail all the way till you get back to Mui Wo where you must get to where you started, the green mailbox by the ferry pier and there you will present all the cards you collected along the course.

Please note important notes below

  • All participants must have a headlamp, minimum 200 calories of food, race directors phone number. A check for headlamps will be made at CP2 after 1630.
  • Check points will have water, sports drink, bananas, oranges & nuts. CP2 will have also coca cola additionally.
  • CP1 (Shek Pik marker L087 ) closes at 4pm. CP2 will close at 6pm and anyone passing through after 1630 will have to show they have a headlamp for the final stretch.
  • Note all card collection points. If you fail to collect all cards from 3 collection points then you wont be marked as completing the course.
  • Cut off times. CP1 (Shek Pik) 4pm, CP2 (Pui O) 6pm, Finish (Mui Wo) 9pm.
  • If leaving the race, you MUST carry on to one of the check points and leave from there after informing the checkpoint. If you have to leave between checkpoints then you must inform race director. failure to do so will mean search parties, emergency services etc looking for you.
  • Card collection point #1 Pak Kung Au (to be handed by Lost Sole crew)

  • Card collection point #2 (Under solar panel at the top of the steps of Kwun Yam Shan) first hill after Ngong Ping. Solar panel can be seen in photo below. map of location

  • Card collection point #3 At the end/start of the Keung Shan country trail behind the map board. map of location