Lost Sole 25

The course is as described. 25km with over 1100 meters of elevation gain but none of it really difficult or technical.
The route follows the Lantau trail from Mui Wo ferry pier and goes up the road towards Nam Shan. Following the markers till you get to marker L005 which is in Nam Shan. Please remember to stay on the pavement (sidewalk) ALL THE TIME and no running or walking on the road.
At Nam Shan there are public toilets. These are the last ones till the small portaloo at Pak Kung Au.
  From Nam Shan you will follow the Lantau trail over the old helicopter pad and then past the junction with the south Lantau country trail and take the steps straight up. There are a few benches on the way up to take a rest if the stairs are too much but once you are out of the trees the steps ease off. This will be the toughest climb of the day. Dont forget to take in the views if you havent been along this route before. On a clear day they are stunning. Soon when you feel you almost got to the top you will get to the junction where the path on the right goes towards Lin Fan Shan, ignore this and carry on. Next junction will be by a map board and a trail going down towards Tung Chung, this is the Wong Lung Hang country trail and you will also ignore this and carry on going up. Soon you will see the first of the Sunset peak bungalows. These are uninhabited missionaries blocks. You will pass one of these on your left (photo) before getting to your first diversion off the Lantau trail and towards the first car collection point. Here its important to know that you will turn LEFT and follow the trail to the top house which is the highest point of this side of the mountain as you can see from below image.

There are a few other huts along this route buts its the highest one you want to be heading for. The trail is easy to see and when you are almost upon it you will see a small stone wall which you can walk along till you get to the hut and you will see the card collection pouch hanging from the wall clearly.






Once you have collected your card you will now return the way you came and head towards Sunset peak. Easiest way is to head back onto the Lantau trail and the turn off to get to the trig point is by the final hut. The next card to collect will be tied to the Sunset peak sign right by the trig point. Once you have this then head back the way you came and return to the Lantau trail and continue on it counting up the markers. You will very soon by on the staircase going down towards Pak Kung Au. There are a lot of steps so take your time as once you get to Pak Kung AU you will see our water point where you can resupply and have a break.

Once you leave Pak Kung Au it is important to go downhill on the road till the end of the barrier and NOT climb over the barrier. Once at the end of the barrier you may cross the road when it is safe but please be careful and aware of traffic. On the otherside of the road you will see the old unused Tung Chung road and a road barrier. This is a small tarmac road taking you down to the catchwater and the lower part of the Lantau trail. At the end of this road you will see the catchwater and also a small picnic site and pavilion. You will go LEFT along here and follow the catchwater all the way to the end of it. At the end you will see a yellow sign for the Lantau trail and a dirt trail going to the right with sign showing way to Pui O. Take this trail and follow it for around 1km and you will soon be down to a side road where you can see the main South Lantau road a little bit further below. On this main road you will go LEFT and soon you will arrive at Pui O and check point 2. Here there are public toilets, rest stop and even a bus stop if you want to take an early exit. The people at the checkpoint will point you in the direction of where you need to go next which is to follow the yellow Lantau trail signs, through the village, over a small bridge and then walk along the road which goes by the water till you are again outside the village. If dry there will be chalk markings on the road to show directions but it is pretty straight forward. Soon you will be climbing a steep road towards Shap Long and at the brow of that hill you will see the sign showing the Lantau trail branching off on the LEFT and here will be card collection point 3. After you have collected your card you will then climb the steps for the last climb of the day, might seem hard but it is much much shorter than the climb you did up Sunset peak. You will know you are at the top of Radio hill (Tai Ngau Wu Teng) when you see the police radio mast and hut on the right. Then its some steps going down hill. At the bottom of the steps you will come to a junction and you will go right by following the Lantau trail. Here you will be in the wooded area and you will follow the Lantau trail and counting the markers down till you get back to Mui Wo (marker L140). Once you get down to Mui Wo by marker 139 you will follow the road left along the water front and back towards Lantau Basecamp where the official finish will be.

GPX link here for the 25K course

Please note important notes below

  • All participants must have a headlamp, minimum 200 calories of food, race directors phone number.
  • Note all card collection points. If you fail to collect all cards from 3 collection points then you wont be marked as completing the course.
  • If leaving the race, you MUST carry on to one of the check points and leave from there after informing the checkpoint. If you have to leave between checkpoints then you must inform race director. failure to do so will mean search parties, emergency services etc looking for you.