How did the Lost Sole come about? Well the whole course was being discussed between Steve Pheby and Marj Pritchard one day over a recce of the course and Steve mentioned that he hoped the soles of his beloved Scott running shoes wouldn’t fall off and then Marj came up with the name Lost Sole.

The course is basically a shortened down version of the Lantau trail and the concept was to be more of a personal challenge then a race.  In fact on the first Lost Sole in 2016, 3 people started and 3 finished and all at the same time. In 2017’s Lost Sole, there were 3 groups that stuck together for the entire course, making a great experience and day to share. Of course there were those that took it a bit too seriously as a race and got their competitive hats on. In 2018 we added an extra element and that was to collect certain cards along the route which were placed at certain points to make sure you had to go around the whole course without taking shortcuts. 2019 will see the same format again but with more enthuses on self navigation with no markers or ribbons being placed.